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Is Citalopram addictive? this is a question I have asked myself several times and the simple answer is no.

Citalopram itself isn’t addictive BUT! Once you’re on it, you can’t just stop taking it. You need to be taken off them gradually and over a period of time. There are different factors to take into consideration with this medication:

The dosages vary from person to person and for the nature and depth of the depression.

If you have been prescribed Citalopram for a short time and on a low dose 20mg, you may be able to come off them quite quickly without side effects.

The Citalopram 60mg have been stopped now due to there adverse and fatal side effects which can include death – read more here

I was taking the Citalopram 40mg dosage and coming off them quickly resulted in brain shocks – this isn’t a nice feeling at all, it starts of gently just feeling like a twitch and gradually builds to a feeling of being plugged in to the mains socket and causes a lot of disorientation.

I haven’t heard or read of anyone who became addicted to Citalopram, however, you can become mentally dependent on them – this can happen when you notice that they are working and you think that stopping taking them may send you back into the depressive state which you are trying to get out of.

Anyone who takes this medication should read all of the precautions and side effects on the leaflet which comes with them.

So (in my opinion) – Is Citalopram Addictive? No, but please don’t stay on them for months without seeing your doctor or health worker frequently to find out whether your dosage is right. Also try and get the dosage lowered gradually so that you can find the right balance, you can always go back to the higher dosage if you need to.

Mental dependency can be a lot worse than any addictive side effects, your mind is very strong and if you convince yourself that you do need them, you will not want to stop.

I have had a few comments which have asked me whether I have tried alternatives to antidepressants – I have but I will write about that shortly, some of my findings were not what i expected.

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